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A different approach

J. Almoguera Abogados is a boutique law firm established in 2013 by Jesús Almoguera – previously the Head of Corporate, Restructuring and Insolvency at Ashurst in Madrid between 2001 and 2013.

We provide our clients with excellent service and cutting-edge advice and have a core focus on complex transactions and commercial disputes.

We work with our clients to solve their problems and protect and grow their businesses by providing a distinctive and tailor-made approach with the direct involvement of highly senior lawyers.

Fundamental to this approach is the independence of J. Almoguera Abogados, which is free from the conflicts of interests. 

Our boutique profile, emphasis on continuing development and deep know how mean that despite our compact size there is no compromise on quality – a fact recognized by our firm’s consistently high ranking by all the major international legal directories.

Legal directories

Jesús Almoguera or the firm have been ranked among the leading practitioners or firms by the most prestigious legal directories since 2009.

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"Jesús Almoguera looks for creative solutions before rolling into litigation. He is very strategic and practical". ”He is a great negotiator". "Jesús is a lawyer with a complete general legal training and who is used to leading matters of great difficulty and technical complexity".
Chambers, 2024
"Jesús Almoguera manages a team of extraordinarily versatile lawyers. Very hardworking and with good technique, they are one of the most capable legal services boutiques in Madrid". "They have few problems with conflicts and cover a wide variety of areas of law with excellence". "The closeness in treatment and specific knowledge of the situation is what makes them stand out the most, combined with technical knowledge and extensive experience. To do this, they do not overload themselves with matters and only take on the matters that they can truly attend to. It gives me a lot of peace of mind when they handle a matter because we can be very calm and it is a real pleasure to work with them, both because of the guarantee of obtaining the best possible result, and because they make daily work pleasant".
Legal 500, 2024
"Custom work, a lot of dedication of the founding partner who is not only an excellent lawyer but also an excellent human being with good business judgement". "Being a small team, it is well coordinated and agile in managing issues. The small size (boutique type) gives them flexibility in relation to other offices". "Jesús Almoguera is the leader in all matters and director of all the issues that the firm handles. Carlos González Pulido also stands out. The profile of Jesús is that of a naturally mercantilist lawyer converted to a procedural lawyer whose clear strong point is the capacity for work and the thoroughness with which he approaches his assignments. The quality of their work is always high". "Jesús Almoguera is an exceptional lawyer and Carlos González Pulido has a great future ahead. Both have a very high level of technical ability and great focus on the issues". "In addition to their deep technical knowledge, the team are capable of coming up with imaginative solutions to achieve the client’s objectives. Their availability, flexibility and the way they tailor their advice is extraordinary. They have a great ability to communicate and negotiate". "Jesús Almoguera is an excellent lawyer, thanks to his knowledge of Spanish and foreign legislation in the procedural and bankruptcy fields. He always delivers in any case. The same goes for Eduardo Vázquez de Prada and Carlos González".
Legal 500, 2023
"Jesús Almoguera is a very reputed lawyer who always tries to understand all the risks and issues of a matter to give a proper response". "He focuses on creative solutions that would avoid or reduce costly litigation, but he is not afraid of escalation when necessary". "Jesús is an amazing professional".
Chambers, 2023
“It is a boutique, Jesús is always directly involved in each case and both he and the rest of the team look for tailor-made solutions for each of the situations that I have presented to them. It is an independent firm, it has no conflict of interest or limitations to go from advising to litigation with institutional counterparts. Both Jesús and the rest of the team have a very practical approach and move with ease in the gray area between friendly negotiation and litigation, always looking for the most favorable path to the client’s interests”. “Jesús is not only an excellent attorney but also a comprehensive advisor who fully understands the financial connotations of the conflict and makes his recommendation with multiple considerations in mind".’‘Well organized team, with a lot of attention to detail and combative in the interest of its clients”. “Its strong point is its great professionalism, its commitment to the interest of the client. I also find it interesting to highlight the honesty in the approaches and the possibilities of success and the conciliatory carácter”. “J. Almoguera has a team of lawyers that, although small, is used to dealing with complex legal discussions. It is worth highlighting their thoroughness in addressing and analysing all the derivatives and risk angles of each matter entrusted to them”. “I would highlight their great capacity for work and the conscientious analysis they carry out of the different derivatives of each matter. In this firm stand out Jesús Almoguera, its founding partner and director, and Carlos González, a proactive young associate with a good future”.
Legal 500, 2022
"He has helped me prepare very complex negotiations by identifying sensitive areas and proposing mitigation strategies". "I can entrust the most complex issues to him," says an impressed client who endorses Jesús Almoguera's commercial acumen".
Chambers, 2022
"Boutique, dedicated and personalised" firm J Almoguera Abogados is "highly recommended for complex cases"; it is particularly strong in finance, banking, restructuring and insolvency disputes. The firm also covers out-of-court arrangements and advisory work. A former professor of corporate and insolvency law, the "excellent" Jesús Almoguera leads the team and is known for his corporate, restructuring, insolvency and disputes expertise. "I highlight the detailed follow-up adapted to the client’s needs that this firm strives to do. They handle a proactive approach and are direct when proposing alternatives, adding value thanks to this innovative vision. The 100% involvement of the partner and associates in the matter makes you as a client feel perfectly cared for". ’‘Both Jesús Almoguera and Eduardo Vázquez de Prada stand out for their availability, legal technique and ability to delve into areas that are not necessarily part of their day-to-day life. Their availability and assistance in the most complex issues makes us feel very comfortable as clients counting on their advice. They do an exhaustive exercise to know the practices and uses of the client in such a way that they adapt to our needs perfectly". "Their commitment to find the best solution for the client. Their understanding of industries like fashion retail is unique. They have a holistic view of the problem (legal and economic)".
Legal 500, 2021
"Offers solid and pragmatic solutions and is able to make difficult decisions". "He is a good negotiator who knows how to defend the points that really matter and who is highly respected by his colleagues". Sources commend his "strategic vision" and praise his ability to "execute alternative solutions in a short space of time". "He thinks things through in a very analytical way and doesn't leave any stone unturned," says another impressed respondent.
Chambers, 2021
Jesús Almoguera of J Almoguera Abogados is the face of his boutique and offers a wealth of experience in all types of bankruptcy mandates, from defending creditors' interests in complex court cases, to assisting investors with distressed acquisitions and pre-insolvency restructurings. Interviewees emphasise his expertise and disclose that he is "very active, with a lot of energy". "He knows what he is talking about, gets to the point and only discusses what is important". Jesús Almoguera of J Almoguera Abogados is "creative and thinks out of the box", with one source affirming: "He is never afraid to recommend a bold move if circumstances so demand". 
Chambers, 2020
“The main characteristic of this team of lawyers is their commitment to the client”. “They accompany, advise and give an overview of the range of possibilities, which helps those less knowledgeable of the legal details to understand the process and its consequences". “Jesús Almoguera is known for compromise, advice and resilience”. “María Arpón de Mendívil is very experienced”. “A legal and economic approach to the resolution of problems".
Legal 500, 2020
"In general, the firm provided a high quality of work". "J Almoguera Abogados is recognised for its work in the M&A and restructuring and insolvency areas". 
IFLR 1000, 2020
"He has a wide experience, a good command of English, and in meetings he is proactive and always looking to offer solutions". "Very receptive, creative and client-focused", "very versatile and sophisticated lawyer", he is "a good listener" who has a "collaborative and creative" approach. Jesús Almoguera is consisteltly highlighted by peers for his "good experience and reputation".
Chambers, 2019
"Jesús Almoguera is prudent, commercial and very hands-on", "smart, business-focused and flexible in attending to the client's requirements." Interviewees praise his "ability to communicate and explain complex legal matters in English".
Chambers, 2018
"Jesús Almoguera impresses with his great legal expertise and magnificent professional qualities". "A very capable lawyer with a good understanding of the client's needs".
Chambers, 2017
"Jesús Almoguera is regularly appointed as arbitrator in investment and energy sector cases". Sources say that "he has integrity and a great respect for his profession. He is very respectful of others' opinions but very strong in his convictions".
Chambers, 2016
"He is a fantastic arbitrator who really takes care of all the little details. He is a deal maker. He knows the law and manages the situation in such a way that you can do a safe deal. He is incredibly clear in his work and very direct. Stands out for his advice to Spanish corporations […] often whithin the context of insolvency or debt restructuring processes, say sources".
Chambers, 2015

Rocío Sancho
Office Manager

López de Hoyos, 38
28006 Madrid
+34 917 373 168

Almoguera Abogados S.L.P.U.
Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Madrid, tomo 3176, libro 0, folio 89, sec. 8ª, hoja M570829. NIF B-86885506.


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